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  1. This offer only applies to first deposits by customers who have registered
  2.  This offer only applies to first deposits greater than or equal to Ksh 150
  3. If the first deposit is greater than Ksh 150, then the bonus of Ksh 50 will be allocated to the account as a bonus
  4. Registration applies as a one-time offer, if you delete your account and re-register, the offer does not apply.
  5. Eazibet has the right to cancel or withdraw the First Deposit Bonus or change any of its terms at any time and without cause or notice.
  6. Eazibet reserves the right not to allow certain account holders to take part in the First Deposit Bonus without due cause or notice.
  7. Eazibet is the sole arbiter of this promotion and its decision is final and binding.
  8. The First Deposit Bonus is designed for recreational accounts only and will be attributed accordingly. Any accounts deemed to be non-recreational and attempting to abuse the nature of the First Deposit Bonus will be voided without hesitation. Eazibet’s decision in this regard will be final.
  9. In case of suspected manipulations or fraud, and in case of any violation of these conditions of participation, Eazibet reserves the right to exclude any account holder from participating in the First Deposit Bonus. In such a case, the account holder loses any right to claim a bonus.
  10. Eazibet maintains a strict policy of only one account per customer and use a number of internal security systems to identify these. In this regard, in order to avoid the potential for abuse we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse the First Deposit Bonus in one or more of the following circumstances:
    • a. Accounts sharing IP addresses.
    • b. Accounts belonging to the same family and/or household.
    • c. Accounts sharing a common contact detail or identifier (e.g. email address,
    • d. Accounts accessed from the same computer.
    • e. Multiple accounts belonging to the same person.
    • f. Breach of any of our bonus terms and conditions.
    • g. Evidence of collusion between customers in placing of bets.
    • h. The General Rules of Eazibet shall also apply to the First Deposit Bonus.
    • i. Abuse of this promotion may result in user being banned from our website.


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